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Exclusive Mobile Car Detailing, Perth WA

We also clean Trucks and Buses

EMCD is a Perth based professional mobile car detailing company that offers a wide range of car detailing services for all types of vehicles. Our mobile services include:

  • Complete Interior Detailing
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Machine Buff, Wax & Polish to Remove Light/Medium Scratch and Swirls
  • Car Care & Protection
  • Ozone Treatment
  • Headlights Restoration

We use the highest quality products and proven detailing techniques to deliver the best results for your vehicle.

Our experienced and qualified staff will satisfy your every request for that personal touch.

We also participate in numerous training sessions to constantly be ahead of the rest when it comes to car detailing as our aim is to provide you with the highest quality services so you can be at ease.

Want to make you car shine like brand new again?

Why not check out some of our car detailing packages to suit your vehicle. We can also customise these to suit your needs!

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Car Detailing: What is it?

Car detailing is the art and science of bringing out details in your car to make it clean and more noticeable. It involves, amongst other things, cleaning, waxing and polishing the interior and exterior of the vehicle. A car that looks feels and smells good is a car that is bound to bring a smile on your face. Here at Exclusive Mobile Car Detailing we do what we do best and prepare cars for any occasion in Perth area. There is little doubt that a well detailed car will turn heads so it only makes sense to do so for such occasions as a competition or when preparing to sell a vehicle.

The detailing process can include any number of procedures but broadly it includes the vacuuming and application of cleaning products and tools to the interior for the purposes of getting rid of dirt and grime. The engine bay is thoroughly degreased and thoroughly cleaned. The exterior of the car is washed, polished and waxed to give it a fresh look and to protect it from dirt, rust, and the sun. Work on the exterior of the car requires care, patience, the right equipment as well as extensive experience. Polishing comes first, removing any contaminants and small marks from the paint. Waxing comes next, and this protects the paintwork. A sealer can also be applied under the wax for added protection. Cars from warmer climates need to be waxed more often

Car detailing has recently grown in popularity for a number of reasons. These days, micro fiber cloths, special vacuum technology, and high powered buffers have allowed for cleaning of hard-to-reach places and bringing wax to a glossy shine to become much easier.

Every professional car detailer works in different ways and has their favorite tools and products. At the end of the day all that matters is that your vehicle ends up looking fantastic.

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Ahmed ZeeshanAhmed ZeeshanMorley
Just wanted to let you know i am extremely happy with the job that has done. My car looks awesome! I will definitely recommend this service to anyone :) Thank you so much. 5 stars for you :)
Happy custumerHappy custumerButler
I am absolutely delighted with the job that Karol did today. That was excellent! Couldn't recommend him highly enough. Please feel free to use this testimonial on the website. Thank you so much.
Mateusz WojcikMateusz WojcikWest Leederville
Great service. My Mazda looks great! Good attention to detail. Service was quick and such a reasonable price. Will be back! Thanks!
Carmen JohnsonCarmen JohnsonSorrento
If you are looking for an car detail service, look no further. From my personal experience I would say that with car detailers you normally get what you pay for. With that company you will get a lot more! Thanks for taking the time and effort to deliver amazing work!
I would like to thank you and your employee for amazing car detailing today. Your employee was very efficient and my car was vary clean and sparkling after he had finished. Thank you once again and I will be recommending your business. Best Regards!
Laura BoomerLaura BoomerBayswater
Hi Jerry, your detailier did a lovely job. I have just paid the account into the bank details on the invoice with the reverence Hilux Car Detail. Kind Regards.
Jerry HallJerry HallAtwell
My car looks great. Carol did fantastic job! Thank you for your hard work and see you in the future. I would recommend this car detailing company.
John NguyenJohn NguyenDalkeith
I used many different car detailing companies before and I am glad that we were able to do business together. My car looks superb. Definitely I would recommend you to my friends. Great job!
Cathy WoodCathy WoodNedlands
Thank you so much for the great job that EMCD did on my Suzuki Swift yesterday. I went for the Gold package as I wanted to sell the car quickly. The car looked like new after it was detailed!
Tom MadisonTom MadisonWangara
You did a fantastic job on both of my vehicles. My wife can't get over how great her Mazda 6 looks and my  Hilux looks awesome. Your attention to detail, product knowledge and advice was great.